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Cooking wiith Grandma

Independent Living with CTS AI Smart Sensor

Cooking Safety is at the core of our innovation is a sophisticated AI Fire Prediction and Prevention System. Utilizing thermal imagery, this system proactively identifies potential hazards before they escalate, such as unattended burners or overly hot pots. This preemptive approach not only prevents accidents but also fosters a sense of security, allowing the elderly to enjoy the autonomy of cooking in their own homes without fear.graph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy. Moreover, our system extends its capabilities through Data Logging and Telemetry. Every cooking session is meticulously logged into our cloud-hosted database, turning routine activities into valuable insights. This telemetry is instrumental for caregivers and senior living facilities, offering a window into the daily routines and potential risks faced by their residents.Privacy remains paramount in our design philosophy. We employ low-resolution thermal imaging coupled with advanced AI models to ensure predictive analysis without intruding on personal privacy. Our technology is designed to be both powerful and unobtrusive, respecting the dignity and privacy of its users.

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