An AI stove-top monitor that anticipates fire danger, alerts users and intervenes before a fire can start.

Our Smart Sensor Technology

The device uses a patented method of monitoring across and in the vicinity of the cooktop using thermal imaging processed with advanced real-time AI. This unique technology creates a much more accurate assessment of potential fire risk than the detection methods employed in other cooktop monitoring products.


Food is typically cooked at temperatures less than 200 degrees celsius (400 degrees Fahrenheit) except when cooking in oil. When oil temperature exceeds 300 degrees Celsius (575 degrees Fahrenheit) it can self-ignite. The monitor will automatically anticipate and pre-emptively intervene to avoid this situation.

Kitchen with device above stove

The monitor also detects the presence/activity of a user. Most kitchen fires are oil fires caused by unattended cooking. Our machine-learning-based algorithm takes this into account in its assessment.

Smart Notifications

A smart notification strategy generates alerts appropriate for the situation:

  • A gentle reminder when the stovetop has been unattended for too long given its current thermal state.

  • A more urgent message when food is likely to be overcooked. 


  • An alert that urgent user intervention is required. Failure to respond in a timely manner triggers an automatic power cut-off to the appliance, effectively preventing fire ignition.

Kitchen with device behind stove

Cloud & AI

Cloud-based big data analytics detects patterns in aggregated, anonymized data collected over a large user base to determine norms that can reveal potential areas of risk. These insights are valuable in various ways:


  • Users can compare their personal cooking safety scores against standardized benchmarks and track changes to their profile over time. Users can also consent to share data with others, such as family members and care providers.


  • Property managers can examine aggregated comparative risk over their building portfolio and decide where actions such as safety information campaigns and coaching are best directed.

  • Insurers can create data-driven, safety-oriented programs designed to engage their customers in new insurance offers, discounts and services.

MDU & Multi Family Property Management

Multi-Dwelling Unit Residential Property Managers are becoming more proactive in managing risks to avoid costly property damage and improve occupant safety. Connected smart sensors and data analytics provide residential property managers with a more accurate and timely picture of potential problems than any complaints-driven process ever could. Cooktop Safety devices, installed in the kitchens of multi-residential units, stream events to a rich and accumulating repository of data backed by analytics that can reveal the root causes of unattended cooking, the major cause of kitchen fires.

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The Cooktop Safety device can act as a data hub to collect other compatible sensors in the residence, including water leak detectors, ground fault detectors, and smoke/CO2 alarms.

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Consumers are discovering that connected smart home systems offer them more control, convenience, security and safety. The trend is not lost on insurers, who are introducing mobile-app-led products and services to engage and retain customers. Cooktop Safety products are a great vehicle for embedded insurance offerings, retention programs, incentives and added-value services. The Cooktop Safety data platform is designed with open APIs, making integration to your insurance sales platform painless and secure. And Cooktop Safety’s end-user license agreement (EULA) covers data sharing consent and privacy protection issues.

Product Features

  • Current and energy monitoring


  • LED warning lights


  • SRP $199.99


  • Motion detection


  • Wi-Fi/Matter connectivity


  • Built-in night light

  • Automatic electric power safety shut-off switch

  • ​Detects unsafe and unattended cooking situations


  • Smart audible notifications appropriate to situation  


  • Stainless, black and white decor sleeves for head unit


  • New construction built-in and retrofit units available


  • Can act as a gateway for other compatible sensor types (e.g. leak detection)


  • Mobile user app provides current stovetop status, remote shut-off control, usage history, safety score and more

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